• Is your teenage guitarist struggling to teach themselves how to play guitar?

  • Are they learning from a friend, an uncle, or someone else who can play but is unqualified to teach? â€‹

  • Is your teen unknowingly learning bad habits and practicing incorrectly, leading to frustration and slow progress?

The Pitfalls of Teaching Yourself Guitar

Teens who try to teach themselves guitar usually make some progress for awhile but are unaware that they could be making tremendously faster progress with a professional, qualified guitar teacher in Fort Worth, TX. After a few months, their self-taught process begins to take its toll- 

1. Progress slows down considerably. 

2. Motivation wanes as the teen struggles to find the correct path- they jump from video to video trying to "guess" their way to success. 

​3. They learn songs from inaccurate, free sources online that teach them incorrectly. 

4. They learn a few songs but never actually learn the techniques and concepts required to become truly great at the guitar. 

The result? They give up. Their time wasted online, your money wasted on guitar equipment and books that didn't get used properly. 

The Solution 

How do I know this? Because I was a self-taught teenage guitarist growing up in Fort Worth trying to do it on my own. My progress was slow, but I didn't realize it until I found a great guitar teacher. Once I realized that a professional guitar instructor could dramatically increase my progress, I began to have a lot more fun playing the guitar. 

As an adult, I committed myself to ensuring that the next generation of guitarists in DFW had a dependable, trustworthy source of guitar instruction- so I started the Ridglea School of Music, which started out as a guitar school at my house (now we're located behind Ridglea Theater in the heart of Fort Worth). 

Professional Guitar Instruction That Is Unlike Any Other Music School in DFW

When seeking out a guitar teacher, many parents fall victim to choosing a school based on price or location. But as you've undoubtedly learned over time, getting cheap services usually produces cheap results. Driving to a location that is close for convenience sometimes costs you more time in the end because you didn't get the result you were looking for at the easy-to-get-to-place. 

So how should you choose a guitar teacher in Fort Worth? 

Find a certified, qualified, and committed instructor with a proven track record of developing highly successful guitar students in Fort Worth. At Ridglea School of Music's School of Guitar, we use a tested curriculum that is proven to get results for your teen guitarist and instructors that are professionally trained with the highest teaching standards of any school in DFW. 

​We are so committed to the success of your teen, we will do nearly whatever it takes to ensure their success. â€‹

Is Your Teen Stuck In Front Of The Computer Screen, Trying To Teach Themselves Guitar From YouTube?

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