• Do you wish your child had a cool, special talent that sets them apart from everyone else? 

  • Would you like your child to have fun with a productive activity that makes them think and instills self-discipline instead of with a device and a screen?

  • Do you want your child to become more self-confident in who they are as a unique individual by developing a skill most only dream about having?

Why Students Love Learning Guitar at Ridglea School of Music

We present a fun, family-friendly atmosphere in Fort Worth that allows students to enjoy the process of learning to play the guitar, but most importantly, we produce RESULTS for our students. Students are held accountable to practice at home and are expected to be their very best every time they show up for a guitar lesson!​

Your Child Will Not Just Learn the Guitar- They Will Become A GREAT Guitarist!

Many of our students come more than once a week because parents know you don't truly become great at something once a week for half an hour (our sessions are longer than half an hour, too). 

If your children play sports or participate in just about any other extracurricular activity, they more than likely don't just go once a week. Why? Because their coaches and teacher know that the best results come when the students show up more frequently. 

With our guitar program in Fort Worth, you'll have the option of coming multiple times a week to drastically increase your child's results on the guitar making them more likely to stick with it over a long period of time. 

​Furthermore, we don't just teach students new things and then hope they go home to practice correctly. Instead, we train them during their lessons and make sure they are practicing correctly when they are with us, just like a personal fitness trainer. 

The average guitar teacher will waste much of a student's lesson time with conversation and demonstration. At Ridglea School of Music, we focus on training our students above all else, because the result your child gets is our #1 goal. When they get a result, they love guitar more, and they are much more likely to continue with it for years and years because they know that every time they come they're getting a result!

We invest in our continued education to help support yours.

How many guitar teachers in Fort Worth invest their own time and money to learn more about the art of teaching? For most, the answer is none. In fact, most guitar teachers have absolutely no training on how to work with children.

At the Ridglea School of Music, we do  invest in our ongoing musical education as instructors by attending events like Total Guitar Mastery Training Week and the International Guitar Teacher's Summit each year in Chicago. This ensures that your child is receiving the benefits of the absolute best ways to learn guitar in their lessons with us!

Guitar Lessons for Kids in Fort Worth

Has Your Child Already Tried Sports With Little To No Success?

Did you sign them up for a sport, hoping they'd find "their thing" and be really great at it, only to discover that they weren't really into it and/or struggled to "get it" like the other kids? 

I can relate. My own daughter tried played soccer for two years and it never clicked for her. The first year, she just didn't care enough to try very hard (not to mention the coach was not very inspiring). Her second year, she had a great coach and worked really hard as a result, but she still didn't quite perform like the other girls. My daughter loves to move and play, but it seemed competitive sports was not quite up her alley. 

Fortunately, we found that she was designed more for creative thinking activities like music! 

Your Son Or Daughter Will Fit Right In With Us!

​Sports are so popular, it can be hard for those who don't love soccer, basketball, or football to feel like they don't fit in. They'd rather get creative with drawing, reading, or building with Legos.

If your child falls into this category, like my daughter does, come see us. We take kids that feel like they haven't quite found their "thing" yet and get them involved in an activity many parents miss out on for their kids: guitar lessons!

Is Guitar Really Best For My Kid?
​I am a firm believer that all children should receive at least two years of serious music training on a musical instrument. Why? The benefits are huge!
Scientific studies have proven over an over that learning how to play an instrument like guitar and taking serious lessons over at least a two-year period provides long-term benefits including:

  • Boost in math skills (better grades in school)
  • Improves reading comprehension (more better grades in school!)
  • Helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease later in life
  • Boosts creativity- individuals who played as kids are more creative and better problem-solvers in the professional world as adults. 
  • Uses both sides of the brain at the same time (no other activity provides that)
  • Plus, guitar is just a cool instrument!

We’ll Have Your Child Playing Guitar And Making Awesome Music On Day One

Lessons Begin as Early as Age 6

Usually by age 7, every child is ready to begin guitar lessons with us at our school in Fort Worth, but occasionally students as young as 6 years old are ready to start.

​Become Part of Our Guitar Community

There's something special about being part of our kids guitar lessons program in Fort Worth. 

You're not just getting lessons; you're getting an experience that allows you to make more progress on the guitar in a shorter period of time than working with other instructors or music schools in Fort Worth while having fun along the way. 

Schedule Your Child's FREE Guitar Assessment Right Now!

​Call us at (817)420-6462 to schedule your child's FREE assessment and see if your child is ready to learn the guitar and develop a uniquely fun skill that benefits their reading and math comprehension, provides a creative outlet AND is a ton of fun!​​