"My guitar teacher has helped me find direction in my guitar playing and apply what I know in real-life situations. He is a great player who is patient and enthusiastic without being intimidating!" -Mike

Become the Guitarist You Dreamed Of Becoming As A Kid

Frustrated Trying To Learn Guitar On Your Own Or From An Unqualified Teacher? 

From We get a lot of new students who share the same lament: Either, "I had a guitar teacher for a little while, but I got nowhere because all they did was play the whole time and ask me what I wanted to learn. They had no plan for my success!" Or, "I've been watching YouTube videos for a few months, but I just can't seem to put it together!"

If you can relate to either of those statements, don't worry- you're not alone. And don't feel bad. Most guitar teachers in Fort Worth are completely unqualified to teach, and finding a great instructor is not easy. And lots of people try teaching themselves at first, but think about it- would you teach yourself how to golf? I mean, how many great golfers are out there that brag about being "self-taught." That's crazy! You'd find an instructor right away to make sure you don't learn it wrong. But for some reason, many adults think they can just figure it out, then after wasting hours and hours being frustrated with the instrument, finally give in and contact us (or, unfortunately, some guy teaching at a store or out of his garage for some side money to fund his struggling local band). 

But waste time and money no longer! We've got the solution: 

The Best Guitar Lessons For Adults in Fort Worth

Guitar players come from Fort Worth and the surrounding areas to learn guitar the right way at Ridglea School of Music. Some live close by, others as far as Arlington, Burleson, Weatherford, even Keller! Our instructors are trained professionally to teach guitar in an easy-to-follow way that allows you to have fun and enjoy the process of learning guitar. 

​Proven Results

We don't just make it up as we go like many independent guitar teachers in Fort Worth. We have a tested curriculum that has worked over and over again with beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitar students. 

We don't just give you "stuff" to practice each week like most guitar teachers. We actually teach and train you how to practice most effectively so you can achieve massive results in as little as 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. 

We have never had a student who did everything we taught them to do, consistently over a long period of time, that did not become a great guitar player. Never. 

Committed Instructors = Bigger Results and More Fun For You

Our instructors don't "teach on the side" to fund their gigging life- they actually teach for a living and are passionate about ensuring others learn to play as well as they do with the best, most effective methods for training and teaching.

You won't just learn technique and theory and exercises- you'll learn close to 40 classic pop and rock songs on guitar before you even finish Book 1. Everyone you know will instantly recognize almost every single song you learn!

So, now is the time to change your guitar playing forever. If you're feeling stuck, bored, or overwhelmed with your current instructor (whether it's a person or the Internet), schedule your FREE introductory guitar lesson with us today and see why other adult guitarists keep coming to us for their guitar training!

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