Justin, student for 10 years, shredding away (now earning his degree at Berklee College of Music)

PS- We GUARANTEE you will learn how to play your first real song and love it at your free guitar lesson if you're a beginner guitarist, and if you've been playing for a while and feel stuck, we promise we will get you unstuck and moving forward in your guitar playing again!

Watch this first! 

​​​​The Solution: Guitar Lessons At Ridglea School Of Music

"I've been taking guitar lessons at Ridglea School of Music for 2+ years now, and I've learned more in these two years than I ever did in 35 years on my own. It's easy for me to refer Ridglea School of Music to other people because of what I've learned in such a short period of time. I wish I would've known about this school years ago!"      -Don C.

"I would absolutely recommend taking lessons with Ridglea School of Music because the teachers are very passionate and talented and it's a very positive and happy environment." 

- Natalie

  • Are you tired of traditional 30 minute weekly guitar lessons in Fort Worth, TX that don't get you anywhere?


  • Are you frustrated by guitar teachers who don't seem to know what they're doing? 


  • Are you tired of trying to teach yourself guitar and getting nowhere, even after months of trying? 

Most Guitar Teachers At Other Schools Do Not Know How To Teach You

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Our number one job is not to entertain you or your children with casual music lessons; rather, it is to develop and mentor you to become a highly skilled guitarist who is able to play for family and friends at get-togethers, get on stage and amaze a crowd, or even become a full-time working musician in the work force.

So, if you're ready for a totally new, immersive experience that will transform your guitar playing for the rest of your life, call us to set up a free introductory lesson at (817)420-6462 or click on the big orange button at the bottom of the page to tell us more about you and your musical goals. ​​​​​

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Have you already tried working with a guitar teacher before,  only to give up, thinking you were the problem? I've been there. I've worked with guitar teachers from Fort Worth who don't understand the teaching process, teach through trial and error, and are unmotivated to become great teachers.

If you've worked with a guitar instructor before, there's a good chance you hired a teacher with lots of "experience" teaching students, but what you didn't know is that this guitar teacher has not made an effort to improve their teaching skills and blames their students for their lack of success with results. 

So you took lessons for several months, tried to practice what they taught you and left feeling burned out and discouraged. 

You are not alone. Fender recently completed a study that shows90% of first-time guitar buyers quit and give up on their dream of playing. 

What most people don't know is that to become a guitar teacher, one does not have to receive any formal training. The guitar instructors in Fort Worth who do have degrees usually have a lot of head knowledge but fail to communicate properly with their guitar students. 

Most guitar teachers have never received any training on how to teach. 

Learn Guitar From A School That Will Actually Make You A Great Guitarist

​​​​That's why I started Ridglea School of Music. I wanted to provide a vastly different experience for future generations of guitar students than I received with most of the teachers I studied with. I was tired of teachers who were trying to teach me jazz when I wanted to rock. I was frustrated with guitar teachers who told me by mastering classical guitar I could play anything else later. I didn't want to play rock music later; I wanted to play it now!

Fortunately, I have discovered that guitar lessons don't have to be "average" or mediocre. Guitar lessons can be an awesome experience and provide you with the results you're after! 

I also discovered that I could learn faster with the right teacher who knew what they were doing and understood the education process. Then I sought out specific help on how to become a great guitar teacher through The Elite Guitar Teacher's Inner Circle, and I use my former school-teaching career knowledge to train our instructors on the best ways to teach and effectively communicate information so that you, the student, become an amazing guitar player as soon as possible and enjoy the process along the way at our Fort Worth guitar lessons school!

We are the only music school in Fort Worth that teaches only guitar. We used to teach several instruments like everybody else, and we did it well. But what we discovered is that we could better serve our guitar students by exclusively focusing on them. Guitar is what we are really passionate about. We live and dream about the guitar, so now it's all we do. 

 ​​​​​We take our responsibility to help you become a great guitar player very seriously and will do just about whatever it takes to make sure you succeed. We want to make sure you get the most out of your guitar lessons with us. Here are the benefits you'll receive when you choose to study with us in Fort Worth: 


  • Committed instructors dedicated to YOUR success who create a clear plan to get you there
  • High expectations of each student to ensure they reach their goals
  • Programs for every level from beginner to intermediate and advanced
  • Understand how to use music theory to actually make your guitar playing sound better, not just know it in your head
  • Learn essential techniques the RIGHT way from highly trained, expert guitar teachers that don't just teach on the side 
  • Checklists and goals to measure your progress so that you are reaching milestones on a consistent basis ad have clear direction
  • ​Specializing in Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Shred Guitar​,rhythm and lead playing

"I love the results that I've gotten in my playing!"    

-Gavin H.

​​​​​Why We Are Your #1 Choice for Guitar Lessons in Fort Worth:

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