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​​Our number one job is not to entertain you or your children with casual music lessons; rather, it is to develop and mentor you to become a highly skilled musician who is able to play for family and friends at get-togethers, get on stage and amaze a crowd, or even become a full-time working musician in the work force. We have sent students to college to earn degrees in music and continue to push our students beyond their comfort zones to achieve what started out simply as a hobby. So, if you're tired of traditional 30 minute weekly lessons in Fort Worth, TX that don't get you anywhere, and you're ready for a totally new, immersive experience that will transform your guitar or piano playing for the rest of your life, call us to set up a FREE introductory lesson at (817)420-6462 or click on the big orange button at the bottom of the page to tell us more about you and your musical goals. ​​

Watch This First

Why Ridglea School of Music is the #1 Choice for Your Music Lessons in Fort Worth:

  • Committed instructors dedicated to YOUR success
  • Fun lessons in a family-friendly environment
  • High expectations of each student
  • Work as a team with other like-minded students
  • Programs for every level from beginner to advanced
  • Learn your favorite songs
  • Learn essential techniques the RIGHT way
  • Perform on stage in recitals and showcases 
  • Checklists and maps to measure your progress

The Numerous Benefits of Studying A Musical Instrument: 

Scientific studies have proven over an over that learning how to play an instrument like guitar, piano, violin, or drums, and taking serious lessons over at least a two-year period provides long-term benefits including:

  1. Boost in math and reading comprehension (better grades in school)
  2. Helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease later in life
  3. Boost creativity- individuals who played as kids are more creative and better problem-solvers in the professional world as adults. 

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