PS- We GUARANTEE you will learn how to play your first real song and love it at your free guitar lesson if you're a beginner guitarist, and if you've been playing for awhile and fell stuck, we promise we will get you unstuck and moving forward in your guitar playing again!

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  • Are you tired of traditional 30 minute weekly lessons in Fort Worth, TX that don't get you anywhere?

  • Are you frustrated by guitar teachers who don't seem to know what they're doing? 


  • Are you tired of trying to teach yourself guitar? 

Our number one job is not to entertain you or your children with casual music lessons; rather, it is to develop and mentor you to become a highly skilled guitarist who is able to play for family and friends at get-togethers, get on stage and amaze a crowd, or even become a full-time working musician in the work force.

So, if you're ready for a totally new, immersive experience that will transform your guitar playing for the rest of your life, call us to set up a FREE introductory lesson at (817)420-6462 or click on the big orange button at the bottom of the page to tell us more about you and your musical goals. ​​​​​

Most Guitar Teachers Do Not Know How To Teach You
To become a guitar teacher, one does not have to receive any formal training at all. Some guitar instructors in Fort Worth have degrees in music, but these teachers usually have a lot of head knowledge and fail to communicate properly with their guitar students. 
Most guitar teachers are just guitarists that play in bands and want to make some quick cash on the side and have never received any training on how to teach. They just know how to play. ​And the results show it. 

Watch This First!

Why Ridglea School of Music is the #1 Choice for Your Guitar Lessons in Fort Worth:

We take our responsibility to help you become a great guitar player very seriously and will do just about whatever it takes to make sure you succeed. We know that investing your hard-earned money and time into guitar lessons is a big commitment, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your time with us and when you are practicing at home. Here are the benefits you'll receive when you choose to study with us in Fort Worth: 

  • Committed instructors dedicated to YOUR success
  • High expectations of each student
  • Programs for every level from beginner to advanced
  • Understand how to use music theory to actually make your guitar playing sound better, not just know it in your head
  • Learn essential techniques the RIGHT way (everything from alternate picking to sweep picking, 2-hand tapping, vibrato, bends, fingerpicking, hybrid picking, pinch harmonics, etc.)
  • Checklists and goals to measure your progress so that you are reaching milestones on a consistent basis
  • ​Specializing in Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Shred Guitar​,rhythm and lead playing

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